Image of Kerilie McDowall filming on Coast Connections with Shaw Spotlight Producer Todd Jones by Jocelyn Matwe.

Intro to Basics of filming for TV and Youtube Workshop - $300.00 CAD, 2 hours

Learn to frame shots with your cell phone or camera.  Lighting: are shadows friends or foe? Ideas for your lighting for your home studio.  There are certain things that you never want to wear on camera due to how cameras shoot film, learn the tricks. A face can appear unflattering without makeup on camera creating a glare or greasy look, tips for on camera work makeup. Avoiding makeup for those who do not want to indulge, how to best compromise.

Types of shots and framing for camera/phone 
Interviewing and hosting approaches, camera techniques for hosts and guests 
Writers block exercises for brainstorming and writing, production work. 
Basic directing, shooting a show. Teamwork, directing leadership.
Explanation of the concepts of switching for TV directing camera work.
Preparing your set, lighting and camera or phone height for shooting.

Topics we are covering in the TV-Youtuber workshop are below. 

YouTuber-TV Workshop 1 

Writing and brainstorming approaches 
Youtube, TV, Radio, Podcasting Interview hosting and guest techniques/tips 
Camera shots 
Framing shots 
Directing tips 
Leadership for directors
Production Brainstorming
Writing Tips for Film 
Why join IMDB Pro?
Film Festing/social media 
Advanced: Knowing the press, good media relationships.