Newsletter: Film Premiere Screening Invite and Another Hollywood Win! Best Web and New Media: IndieX Film Fest!


July 3, 2021


Oh my gosh,

Hi Everyone on the newsletter e-list! If you are on this e-list I appreciate you! I had just completed a very intense work period, very intense... and I woke up to find out that our team and I have won another Hollywood award! More on that soon. But I have our global premiere screening invite for you. I am happy to tell you that you can now purchase a $5 US Dollar ticket to watch my short film screen in its premiere at the Seoul International Short Film Festival in Seoul, South Korea!!! Please support it. It screens this Monday at 8 AM, if that is too early for you to watch, the link will be available afterwards until 10 pm July 9th, 2021 when you can watch at your convenience.

Ok ...I hope you can support this screening...and now about our newest and third-time Hollywood award win!!! I am so excited and delighted to tell you that  our jazz-mini-documentary, "In the Zone: Rick Kilburn," just won top of the category "Best Web and New Media," at Hollywood, Los Angeles' IndieX Film Fest! 

Our team, Rick Kilburn, and I are over the moon and we are just so happy about this! You get first notice we have not even announced it on social media yet!!! We had just had a small party film crew gathering for our recent Indie Short Fest Hollywood win and it may be time for another!!! We did so well this June 2021. 

I thought that some of you may be interested to view the current status of current film fests we are running in, though there are more to come and other future fests not listed from other places in the world like Spain, London, Berlin and Australia. Have a peek below if you are interested, and please support our film premiere screening Monday and check out the other fine Seoul International Short Film Festival short films while you are at it. 

I especially want to thank everyone for your support recently and/or along the way. It seems that so many of my mentors have helped to shape my film skills in one way or the other, especially Shaw Spotlight producer Todd Jones. Thank you, I am grateful to all of you and personally to you for your supportive words along the way. I hope to make more films down the road, it is on my list. Do stay tuned! E-hugs to you!  If you are on the email list, I guessed that you may be interested in all this good news lately! :) Much love to you and thanks for letting me share my invite with you. Sign up for newletter news to stay in touch, you can also drop an email note and say hello.

Here is the July 3, 2021 film fest list: 

Indie Short Fest 

Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA 

Outstanding Achievement Best Web and New Media Award Winner June 2021 


IndieX Short Film Fest 

Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA 

Best Web and New Media Award Winner June 2021 


Independent Shorts Awards 

Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA 

Honorable Mention Best Web and New Media Award Winner


jellyFEST Finalist for 

Best Short Documentary 

Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA 


Montreal Independent Film Festival 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

Official Selection


Tokyo International Short Film Festival 

Tokyo, Japan, 



Toronto Women International Film Festival 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Official Selection


Currently screening in Seoul, South Korea 

Seoul International Short Film Festival 

Official Selection 


Beyond the Curve International Film Festival 

Paris, France 

Official Selection and Finalist


Thanks for checking out my news, there will be more to tell you coming soon!


Kindest regards, 

Kerilie McDowall, 

Polaris Music Prize juror 

In the Zone: Rick Kilburn Director/Producer/Host 

Volunteer Shaw Spotlight TV Director/Host/Producer

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