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New album


Kerilie McDowall Quintet & Special Guests

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(copyright 1990, 1993, 1998 Kerilie McDowall) Kerilie McDowall Quintet 1993, 1998

Produced by Rick Kilburn 1998 Remastered

Vancouver Island/ Vancouver producer and bassist extraordinaire Rick Kilburn recently gave the nod to release these three older 1998 demo tracks that were originally recorded as a brief demo for a Roundhouse concert

(copyright ©1990, 1993, 1998 Kerilie McDowall) Kerilie McDowall Quintet 1993, 1998

Produced by Rick Kilburn 1998 Remastered

Vancouver Island/ Vancouver producer and bassist extraordinaire Rick Kilburn recently gave the nod to release these three older 1998 demo tracks that were originally recorded as a brief demo for a Roundhouse concert performance at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival by the Kerilie McDowall Sextet and Special Guests .

Featured on this recording are Kerilie McDowall's compositions with Kerilie McDowall on guitar, John Korsrud on trumpet, Graham Ord on saxophone, Glenna Powrie piano/keys, Paul Blaney on bass and drummer Stan Taylor. This recording session was a lot of fun and documents a great time period in Vancouver that ended up with a performance of the Kerilie McDowall Sextet and Special guests at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival 's Roundhouse in Vancouver, BC. At that performance, special features were some spectacular folk arrangements by BC guitarist and composer Tony Wilson.

Vancouver vocalists/hand drummers were also featured as special guests who had also originally first worked with Wilson in prior jazz fesival performances.The vocalists were: Jimy Sidlar, Elisha Sidlar and Lisa Sazama. You can hear them performing on the track posted written by McDowall entitled, 'Tree Talk,' with also a feature of the gifted late pianist Glenna Powrie with improvised sections by the band and vocalists.

Much thanks again to producer Rick Kilburn and the musicians and the families of those who passed for this fine work of special performances and permissions to post the tracks.

Expected release: November 16, 2023

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Left: Megan Fleming Right Canadian Online Guitar Lessons' Kerilie McDowall
Image by Dirk Heydemann of HA Photography.

Thanks so much for being curious enough to read my crowdfunding page. After over 23 years of wanting to do this, I have finally decided to release the recordings that I have had hidden in a dark box in my dresser drawer.

These recordings were made in the 1990s and are at risk of deteriorating permanently and after much reflective thought and processing of the idea, I am finally ready to release them. It took decades to make that decision. With much thanks to the encouragement of friends and of music producer/jazz bassist Rick Kilburn and a former bandmate, I am ready to make this bucket list item finally happen.

Three of my band members Glenna Powrie, Lisa Sazama, and Jimy Sidlar have passed away making this work have much meaning and I am still looking for emotional closure. There were many tears hearing these musicians I respected so much again on my CD player and tape player after not hearing them perform for so long. I would like to thank all of the musicians, producer Rick Kilburn, and my former bandmates who have been so wonderful to work with. You inspire me.

My new album plan concept is to re-release tracks from my past never formally released City Wildflower, (originally a cassette album) onto a new recording now being discussed. CBC Vancouver radio's Hot Air also recorded some tracks during an interview with the legendary CBC host Paul Grant with producer Neil Ritchie for broadcast, additionally Rick Kilburn in the 1990s recorded and has in 2022 re-mastered tracks that I may consider releasing. I would select the tracks that I love the most to share to the public. I am also looking at possibly releasing a few tracks recorded with late Vancouver bassist Chris Nelson, who passed away from cancer and was like a mentor to me. I miss Chris when I think of him and he was very supportive and encouraging towards me as a young player. He was the reason I decided to finalize it and become a professional musician.

I have non-studio cassette recordings that I will likely release only as mp3s. They document exceptional playing from Vancouver musicians in the 1990s.

I was always recording my performances on various types of recorders. That started when I was about 13 or 14 years old. I had figured out a creative way to multi-track for composing little tunes and ideas when I was a teenager. I had a shiny red Sony duo-cassette dubbing machine and another very old tape recorder. My fun was to record myself playing chords on one of my tunes, then play the recording back while recording myself improvising a guitar solo. I would create these two track tunes or sometimes would try for 3 or 4 tracks. So I have always been into documentation. It led me to create over 380 past radio podcasts and my first short documentary music film.

This album is a dream project. I hope you will be inspired to donate. Have questions? Check out the answers to many of your questions in the FAQ below. Thank you so much for your continued love and support over the years. It has meant the world to me. You can donate by clicking the yellow button below. Thanks so much for your support. It means the world to me!



When do you anticipate on releasing the album?

I am aiming for a 2023 release date.

How can I best support and contribute to your upcoming album project?

You can support the album and make a donation of the amount of your choice by clicking "PRE-ORDER DOWNLOAD: $25.00" above. Donations of $25 or more will receive a digital album and a CD copy once it is released.

When will your newsletter update news about the upcoming recording(s)?

Due to being busy with film-related work, I hope to update you with important details as progress is made with my album project as well as with any exciting film.

(Photo shown of Kerilie McDowall approx. 1982.)

Which musicians played on your 1993 cassette release City Wildflower?

Kerilie McDowall, guitar; Kevin Elaschuk, trumpet; Graham Ord, saxophones; Allan Johnston, acoustic bass; Bruce Nielsen, drums. Special guest appearances: George McFetridge, piano, Dylan van der Schyff.

Which musicians played on the Hot Air CBC recordings?

Kerilie McDowall, guitar; Glenna Powrie, piano; John Korsrud, trumpet; Graham Ord, saxophones; Paul Blaney, acoustic bass; Stan Taylor, drums.

Who are the musicians on the Rick Kilburn-produced jazz festival demo tracks?

Elisha Sidlar, vocals, handdrum; Lisa Sazama, vocals, handdrum; Jimy Sidlar, vocals, handdrum;  Kerilie McDowall, guitar; Glenna Powrie, piano; John Korsrud, trumpet; Graham Ord, saxophones; Paul Blaney, acoustic bass; Stan Taylor, drums.

Who are the musicians on the trio jazz demo tracks you might release featuring the bassist Chris Nelson?

Mickey Earnshaw, drums; and Chris Nelson, bass; and myself Kerilie McDowall on guitar.

Why are you releasing this album after so many years?

I decided the timing was right both for me, my bandmates and the post COVID-19-affected music industry. I had been wanting to do the project for many years but it was put on hold due to an injury, then it became less important when I started doing other performance mediums like radio and television. Despite all of this, releasing this has been a "bucket list" item for years.

How long did you perform professionally?

I started performing professionally at the age of 16 in Toronto, Canada in high school in local pop bands and was also attending music jams and playing in a blues band with friends at that time. I had performed in school orchestras as a violinist from age 8 onward but switched my focus to guitar at age 13 or 14. After moving to BC, I started working as a jazz bandleader of jazz trios, quartets, quintets and sextets starting in 1989-90 in Vancouver, BC until the year 2000 when I moved to Vancouver Island.

Were you a DownBeat jazz magazine writer?

I loved writing for the USA's DownBeat from 2016-20 ( Maher Publications) until my schedule could no longer accommodate it. The writers and editors have done such exceptional work for many decades and to be honest, they were continually inspiring me with their forward-thinking, thought-provoking writing and endless creativity. It was an honour to be chosen for this role and I would like to thank the editors that I worked with Brian Zimmerman and Dave Cantor for their incredible work and dedication to the global jazz scene.

Are you a guest columnist for Canadian Musician magazine?

I have been a guest columnist at Canadian Musician magazine recently in summer 2021 and March 2022 and have been enjoying writing what I think that musicians and music-loving Canadians will enjoy.

Do you make music short films?

I directed and hosted television as a volunteer for over 5-6 years at Shaw Spotlight and that led me to producing some short TV shows with jazz and blues-related topics. When supervisor Cameron McLean gave me the idea to shoot and gave me the green light in 2019, I filmed my first short film about the inspirational life and work of multi-award winning Vancouver Island/Vancouver jazz bassist and music producer Rick Kilburn. It was released in March 2020. The cast/crew and I have since been honoured with 11 awards and 10 nominations.

Do you also plan on making another film?

Yes I hope to produce a feature film in the next coming few years. I may start with short films prior to this as ideas for 20 minute episodes or documentary for a TV series.

How many jazz recordings will you actually release?

(Photo above shown of Kerilie McDowall 1993 by Gordon Montgomery.)

I am hoping to release 1-2 albums with the material I have, depending on what can be saved from deteriorating/the sound quality of it at this point in time.

I hope to release other recordings as mp3s online as well.

Will it be a limited album release?

Depending on the support of the project the first pressings may be limited. This is yet to be determined until the crowdfunding process has been underway for some time.

Where will you sell the album?

I like the idea of Bandcamp and possibly Amazon.

Below images by Dirk Heydemann of HA Photography. Left: Megan Fleming, Right: Kerilie McDowall

Can I pre-order an album copy, if so, how?

Yes you sure can! Pre-orders are now available for the price of $25 USD. Look for the button link above, "PRE-ORDER DOWNLOAD: $25.00"

Will you also release on vinyl?

I have not decided yet.

What are your longterm plans with your music?

An immediate longterm dream is to get back into the studio with new songs.

I would like to study music with you, what do you teach?

I teach guitar, music theory, sight-reading, TAB, chart-reading, songwriting, technique and other guitar basics. Learn more at the STORE HERE.

I would like to take a career-focused workshop with you, how do I find out more?

Please visit my WORKSHOP page to learn more. Find out about rates and services at the Canadian Online Guitar Lessons STORE here.

What are the business services that you offer?

Music lessons, guitar lessons, music/publicity/writing and songwriting workshops, publicity services, coaching, writing services and media contact/liaison for recording artists/creatives.

How can I get in contact with you?

Reach me at my CONTACT page or at the top of my web page on SOCIAL MEDIA.

I have a project that I would like you to consider for the Polaris Music Prize, will you listen to it?

There is no formal submission process for the Polaris Music Prize, but you bet I will! I am always scouting for the best music contenders for the various judging work that I do, including the Polaris Music Prize. Get in touch during the weekday evenings to send me your materials. You can reach me under CONTACT. I look forward to hearing your wonderful recordings!